The Future Of Advertising


Announcement, April 2019

Samantha Sida, Co-Founder / CSO



Never in my last 16 years of working as a media owner in OOH advertising have I experienced first-hand such an evolution of space and consumer behaviour, habits and opinion.

Property groups have been masterfully re-defining and re-engineering shopping centres into destinations that cater to retail, lifestyle and social activities. This change has been happening over the last decade and now we’re reaching a crescendo where the environment and purpose are completely aligned. These spaces are serving and entertaining not just larger audiences but broader audiences, all of who want to experience as well as secure or explore their next purchase.

In this space, people are indulging in spas, they’re ice skating or climbing, trying fine dining or healthy eating, watching a film or using the store as a show room to look, touch and feel before they buy either in-store or online. They’re getting involved in one-off pop up activations such as personalising their purchases or having make overs. They’re looking at their next car or taking the time to learn about new technologies. This environment gives people time to do what they can’t do as part of their day-to-day rushed, time-starved 21st century lives.

For brands this unlocks a whole new opportunity to connect with their audience, create dialogue and stimulate reaction and action. And when we overlay technology, everything becomes instantaneous. Consumers can see, touch, and act on their mood, desire or curiosity. For example, they can enquire about the latest car model and book a test drive right there and then.

This is what’s unique. People get a surge ‘of feel good’ from treating themselves and they’re relatively stress-free. They’re not at home where there are boring jobs to complete, the constant call of daily life and routine. They’ve come to to be free from those reminders. To enjoy themselves and, consequently, they’re in a much more positive mood and open-minded.

I have always loved the fact that whether I consider this environment 10 years ago or now, consumers are present in the now and actively engage, making them more receptive. They’re curious about new brands and they can be spontaneous because they’re relaxed. Their minds are open. They have TIME.

For advertising in this environment, the creative scope is close to limitless. Boundaries can be pushed. From digital, physical or experience, or even all 3 together, innovation can truly be exercised.

All of this, combined with the scale of reach, also provides advertisers with an audience broad enough to truly make a national impact. 27 and a half million people visit these spaces regularly (source: TGI 2017), our portfolio alone over a year connects with over a 1 billion people.

After 16 years I still love what I do and I am probably the most excited I have ever been about the future. The ‘once upon a time impossible’ is now possible. We are always pushing, moving and innovating to offer our clients the opportunity to actively engage with their audience.

We are in a new era and the future is exciting.

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Samantha Sida
Co-Founder / CSO

Samantha’s entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering nature led her to co-found LSL in 2002.

Samantha’s ambitious, creative and commercially focused approach has allowed her to create some of the most successful and unique media products in the retail environment. She continues to map out the vision and growth path for LSL along with the running of the business day-to-day with co-founder Matt Gordon.

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