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Announcement, December 2023

Toby Fairlamb, Sales Director


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2023 has continued the trend of shopping malls being the experienced based destination for brands and consumers alike.

The latest results for 2023 suggest that mall footfall has grown by at least * 10% vs the previous year and that is before we take the key period of Oct to Dec into account.

Two elements have driven this renewed lust for the physical experience. Firstly, if lockdowns taught the population anything, it is to not take their freedoms lightly and this has driven a desire for consumers to get out and about more. Nothing tells this story better than the changing dynamics in e-commerce vs the physical store, with ** 61% saying they prefer to shop in store. This preference runs through all demographic groups with Zoomers just as likely to shop in the physical world as Gen x & Boomers.

And its not just retail that is driving more and more to visit UK Malls. Shopping centres don’t just help the UK monetary economy but are also front and centre of the experience economy too. The average consumer wants to be engaged more than ever before and our centres do a great job of delivering these needs. You’ll find some of the UK’s busiest cinemas located in our centres, new restaurants open every week and previously used retail space to being turned into climbing walls and ball pits.

Brands can get involved in this too. If you can offer shoppers something fun, engaging and interactive they will reward you with their time, social channels, word of mouth and money. Over * 80% of mall goers use social media while shopping and 60% have said they will share content with friends if they see a cool stunt or advert while in this space.

A best-in-class example of this is a project we brought to life for Lego in which we reimagined an escalator and turned it into a slide to make the mundane, exciting. This activation at Bluewater in October drove an increase in footfall of **** 26% . The content was also viewed by more than 2m on TikTok .

We expect much more of the same as we slide into 2024.

2023 In Numbers:
• 95,000 x Samples handled out
• 2,698 x Screen interactions
• 1690 x Adlifts Posted
• 343 x Campaigns
• 120 x Brands
• 1 x Slide

• Omnichannel Retail report 2023**
• Ideahere***
• Landsec 2023****

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Toby Fairlamb
Sales Director

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