Game On: OOH insights into the gaming sector


Announcement, July 2023

Julian Kindred, Client Director



It's definitely 'game on' as frequent mall-goers are levelling up when it comes to gaming, according to our latest insights.

To help us deliver the most efficient campaigns for our clients, we’re always trying to delve a little deeper into our audience’s mindset and behaviours. We've recently used our IdeaHere research platform to look into the habits of frequent mall-goers in the gaming category.

Here's what we found out:

An audience primed for gaming content

Malls offer a unique opportunity for gaming brands to make an impact on those that matter, with regular mall-goers being +11% more likely than the norm to be gamers. In fact, they're +22% more likely to play on a daily basis and +15% more likely to play at least once a week.

Combining this with an audience also being +31% more likely to make the decision on what their family plays and +13% more likely to buy games for other people, shopping centres are providing coverage across a wide range of potential spending avenues in the gaming category.

Mall-goers can’t wait to get their hands on the latest releases

Whether it be FOMO or through ease of purchase directly at store, frequent mallgoers act with a certain sense of immediacy when it comes to purchasing habits. They're +25% more likely to buy games immediately after a game is released and +15% more likely to buy in store.

And they're buying on mass too, being +25% more likely to buy 5 or more games per year.

Gaming campaign examples

We've seen a great collection of gaming clients run across our entire portfolio of media formats, including NINTENDO, XBOX and PLAYSTATION. This interest has also expanded into the movie and streaming universes where gaming-inspired titles also hold relevance for our audience - including SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, ANGRY BIRDS and the recent SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE.

With an average dwell time of up to 3 hours in the UK’s leading retail destinations, shopping centres represent an opportunity to tap into a captive audience looking for inspiration.

With gaming retailers having a strong physical presence within, advertisers are able to influence directly at point of sale and our formats offer an abundance of creativity to do so.

From full audio motion enabled digital signage, touch interactive gamification and the huge stature of creative builds on the largest available sites, Limited Space is able to dominate and build standout for any gaming client.

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Julian Kindred
Client Director

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