Creative Ways To Use Adlift


Announcement, September 2021

Samuel Maskell, Marketing Manager



We all know that Adlift offers national scale and repeat exposure for advertisers across each location. However, the format also offers huge scope for creative executions that make the advertising all the more contextual for the consumer.

Whether it’s playing with it’s playing with format imagery, using multiple creative (at no extra cost), creatively using the lift door split, connecting the campaign message to the format or using special production techniques, the format has enabled advertisers to create a number of standout campaigns.

1) Marry the medium with the message:

Many clients have used Adlift to form a creative connection between their campaign messaging and the format itself. The action of moving up to the next level, using buttons to call lifts instead of making coffee or even prompting people to be fitter and take the stairs have all been great examples of how the connection adds impact to a campaign.

2) Using the lift door split:

The action of the lift door separating and coming back together has delivered the ideal opportunity for many advertisers to bring their artwork to life. From characters bursting out of the lift to having two characters face-off against each other, we have many more examples of how clients have used the divide to highlight a message.

Scroll through our various creative examples below:

Use multiple creatives

Play with format imagery

Creatively use the lift door split

Marry the medium with your message

Use mirrored or scented vinyls

Breakout vinyls

Extend beyond the lift doors a create a Media Wall of advertising

3) Multiple creative (at no extra cost):

Our digital printing capabilities combined with the banks of lifts in our portfolio has meant that many clients have been able to enhance the impact of their campaign by showcasing multiple pieces of creative. Through introducing various characters as well as telling a story or getting a variety of product features across, there is potential to be more inventive with your media whilst holding 100% share of voice.

4) Mirrored vinyl:

Adding the extra special touch can push a creative idea over the edge into reality. Our special production techniques were introduced to create an even closer connection to a brand concept than ever before. Be it mirrored vinyl to show off the shine of a piece of jewellery or scent-infused installations that take engagement beyond just the visual sense.

5) Play with the format imagery:

The lift itself allows for a unique connection to artwork imagery – immediately making the campaign fit within the environment. We have seen Givenchy using brand ambassador Simon Baker to hold open the door for visitors whilst Pokémon had characters hidden inside the lift.

6) Extend beyond the lift doors and create a Media Wall of advertising

Some of our lift bank sites allow for the entire surrounding area to also be branded, allowing for advertisers to create a huge statement piece that often mirrors the size and standout of roadside formats. Creative can be split into panels or spread out across the entire site, depending on location.

7) Breakout vinyls

Additional breakout vinyls can be added to the sites to extend visual attraction, bring campaign assets to life and account for multiple audience heights and interests. One recent example we have used is for The Addam's Family - where we used breakout vinyls of the 'Thing' character (a disembodied hand) located next to the lift call button.


Samuel Maskell
Marketing Manager

Overseeing the Marketing department, Samuel is responsible for progressing the Limited Space brand, maximising company exposure and developing strategies that successfully bring new products to market.

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