Celebrating Adlift: Talk In An Elevator Day


Announcement, July 2023

Samuel Maskell, Head Of Marketing



Today is #TalkInAnElevatorDay! Therefore, it would be remiss of me not to examine our OOH Adlift format and how this actively consumed medium can be transformed into a completely immersive experience for brands 🔽


Lift interiors offer advertisers the chance to connect a full ownership platform with a captive audience.

One great recent example of this is Channel 4’s campaign for RISE AND FALL - a new reality show that saw contestants battling for power in transition between a Penthouse and a Basement. Taking over our Adlift network, Channel 4 were able to transport people into the world of the show - including Penthouse and Basement lift graphics, internal wraps and soundboxes that explained the concept of the show over a bed of classy elevator music.

Other examples include:
• The inside of our lifts became spaceships as Netflix looked to fully immerse consumers into the world of LOST IN SPACE

• During the holiday season, Netflix used two different interiors, allowing people to choose a ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ lift for THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES

• BBC kept families entertained during their lift journeys by using the artwork wrap to create a CBEEBIES character-search on the walls


Scent showers can add a multi-sensory experience and fully immerse the site with your campaign. This is great way to match scents for fragrance clients (where the signature scent can be replicated) or food & beverage or to generate atmosphere - the scent of mint, for example, makes us feel cold, or the smell of lavender relaxes us.

RUBICON recently used a fruity scent in their lifts to match the flavours of their drinks range.

Other examples include:
E.ON NEXT created calming ‘Positivity Boxes’ for by using lavender scents to promote relaxation

• BBC transported people to an arctic setting for HIS DARK MATERIALS using mint-scented vinyls to make the lifts feel cold

• We used the actual BRITNEY SPEARS 'PRIVATE SHOW' scent to create a link between the launch campaign and the fragrance itself


Adlift not only forms one of the most effective building blocks for national coverage campaigns, it also offers a completely unique creative opportunity for brands to add contextual relevance to their OOH activity. Whether it be through using the lift door split, the movement of the doors, creating a story across a bank of lifts or marrying the medium with the message, we’ve had some truly standout campaigns using Adlift to it’s full potential; including our recent campaign for JAFFA JONUTS

See more creative uses of Adlift HERE

Like what you see? For more information about these campaigns or any of our other offerings, feel free to contact our team > sales@limited-space.com


Samuel Maskell
Head Of Marketing

Overseeing the Marketing department, Samuel is responsible for progressing the Limited Space brand, maximising company exposure and developing strategies that successfully bring new products to market. Avid Tottenham Hotspur supporter, aspiring world traveller and author of uncomfortable autobiographical profiles.

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